Experience, professionalism, evolution

Modern and dynamic, firmly believing in the important role of research and style;

In more than 60 years of steady growth, built on strong foundation values, Gi-Erre has been led by the bold and tenacious entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Rovina Cesare.

Thanks to this unique mix of entrepreneurship, family values, growth aspiration, professional ethics and attention to details; Gi-Erre is now an established company and at the same time the starting point for new and ambitious goals.

A strong spirit of self-improvement, carefully listening to the lessons learned in more than a half-century-long walk alongside its customers.
Clear, simple, durable values, giving life to an outstanding industrial; but also to a precise, solid and flawless commercial mechanism.

It ''s all the secret of our success, that something extra that makes it a unique and irreplaceable partner, to trust, which guarantees reliability and flexibility.

This is the secret of our success, the extra ingredient that makes this company a unique and irreplaceable partner, worthy of its customers’ trust, that assure reliability and flexibility.

A fair and transparent partner, who has a logistic and commercial network more and more efficient, who develops new and better products; but also able of reinventing itself day by day, following and anticipating the trends of an ever-evolving market.

A trusted partner that has always made the commitment, professionalism and passion of its employees, the energy and driving force behind this successful story.