Presence in national and international market: Large-scale retail trade, Ho.Re.Ca., DIY

From the beginning, our products are studied and manufactured to meet the needs of different types of consumers, for domestic or professional uses.
Despite being designed for large-scale retail chains, our range is also structured for distribution through the best category killers, ironmonger’s and DIY.
Our products are today displayed in many points of sale of major large-scale distribution groups throughout the country, with our brand Gi-Erre or with retailers’ Private Label. We are partners for important projects of development and enhancement of Private Label: our company is a reliable co-packer also for developing ambitious category management projects.
Over the years, we have been able to build a business structure integrated and comprehensive, allowing you to interface with customers in different channels and with different formats: we are partners of many retailers and wholesalers operating in Italy.


Gi-Erre in the world. As always, we participate as exhibitors at the most important trade fairs in european and extra-eu countries: human contact with our customers, allows us to interpret, anticipate and better meet their technical, commercial and/or logistics needs.

An extensive sales network in commercially and logistically strategic areas, a partnerships’ development with major distribution companies; make the company a solid and well-known manufacturer and distributor of house cleaning tools, of products for gardening and professional sector.
Over years, Gi-Erre has gained a significant presence in major foreign markets and in many developing countries.

A range suitable for global markets

Company’s market success is due to the ability to understand, anticipate and meet demands of different markets; to introduce innovative products, but also to provide a reliable and effective consulting service regarding technical, marketing/sales and logistics themes.

Gi-Erre offers a wide range of household cleaning products, suitable to meet shoppers and consumers’ needs with different habits and customs.

Our products have the packaging graphics updated to offer, especially in international markets, a quick understanding of contents and of the intrinsic value.

Our product lines are built by selecting the most representative and most sought after by consumers from different countries: therefore, they are a complete and guaranteed set of items, thought to meet even the needs of professional cleaning.

Thanks to a continuous technological research and update/upgrade of products’ design, Gi-Erre is a partner of choice for all large-scale distribution players who wish to propose, also in the cleaning accessories category, attractive/appealing and competitive items.


Your satisfaction is our passion

More and more Customer Oriented, not only Product Oriented.

One of our strengths is to give primary importance to Customer Satisfaction, always placing greater emphasis on Service, intended as a value added to goods sold:

  • Adequate delivery of ordered goods;
  • Punctuality and prompt deliveries, as well as compliance with deadlines;
  • Dynamic management of labor force and machinery in relation with seasonal factors, sizeable or frequent promotions.

Gi-Erre not only offers safe and high quality products, but also a high level of service: exploit potential from information and resources, involving all internal and external stakeholders.

We constantly strive to seek methods or tools that enable maximum integration with the Customer and with all our partners.