Improve technology to guarantee a perfect cleaning

Constant investments to improve our products’ quality; but above all, we invest in R&D, to find out new solutions and to meet the needs of an increasingly global market.

We have always tried to offer models featuring the latest technology, with innovative design, ergonomic and functional; but at the same time performing, both for end consumers and professional operators, ensuring the perfect cleaning of interior and exterior spaces.

All our tools are designed to improve and to make more effective/efficient all cleaning activities, but especially to simplify and to make them less tiring for the user.

Gi-Erre ensures the best value for money of its products.

The Italian excellence of cleaning

For more than 60 years, Gi-Erre has been one of the largest producers and operators in household cleaning sector, products both for domestic and professional uses.

Well known in Italy and especially abroad, the company is characterized by the great innovations that, from the beginning, launched in key markets, making daily cleaning easier, faster and more effective.

One of the most important values ​​we believe in and that distinguishes us from competitors, it is to ensure the excellence of our products. The company has always offered items that meet the highest quality standards.

Reliability, safety and punctuality

We are reliable partners and on time for the players of supermarket chains, especially for the development of the private label.

Our main strengths are flexibility, reliability, accuracy and punctuality.

We are able to guarantee the quality of our products, thanks to recognised certifications.                           The company is an ideal partner for those who are looking for a reliable supplier.

Production, all manufacturing processes and the packing are carried out within our plants in Viadana.

We made investments in tangible and intangible assets, which allow complete control of every stage of production cycle and supply chain.

We guarantee:

  • safety and observance of provisions;
  • reliability and production flexibility;
  • compliance with quality standards and certifications requirements;
  • punctuality, respect of delivery times and deadlines.