For a large-scale distribution player, today is crucial to convey the private label identity in its stores: it is important to improve its presence and visibility, but above all to create color spot and association with the sign.
Gi-Erre mainly offers two types of POP materials: shelves and display boxes. Both of them are suitable for any sales channels; but above all, for both permanent display, store promotions or in-store activities.
Our company is able to customize its promotional materials, of shelves and displays, according to:

  • customer requirements;
  • point of sale format;
  • items and colors;
  • different and multiple packaging levels.

Gi-Erre manufactures different types of floor stand displays, in several materials and dimensional formats; for temporary use destinations and/or permanent display.
The stackable display boxes allow the customer to select items must be contained within and totem height.


Shelves Blue Metal Line

Shelves Red Classic Line

Shelves Discount Line

Shelves Garden Line