During the II° World War and in the following years, in the neighbourhood of Viadana, a small town in the province of Mantova, had developed many manufacturing enterprises, mainly family business, dedicated to the production of cleaning products. We can state that, at that time, it was born the Mantova’s production district, specialised on manufacturing articles for cleaning.
In those years, the family Rovina, had specialized in the production of brooms, brushes, accessories for house cleaning and gardening. The first articles were entirely handmade and, subsequently, thanks also to the use of the first semi-automatic machines.
The range consisted mainly of corn brooms, handmade briar horse brushes, scrubbing brushes, dish and laundry brushes, brooms made with natural fibers, wooden handles and brushes; at first distributed in many territories of Northern Italy.
The family began to make use of the early collaborators for manufacturing and packing; it built the first plant, it invested in the early semi-automatic machines and it began the industrial production.
In 1957, it was registered the trademark Gi-Erre and developed in the emerging industrial area of ​​St. Martino in Viadana, the first plant.
The area included offices, the workshop for production, warehouse, areas dedicate to load/unload goods.
Thus Gi-Erre was born, the first real manufacturing enterprise of house cleaning articles.
From the '60s up to the 80s, the company was able to distribute its products throughout the national territory, as well as in many European and Extra-European countries; to expand its sales network and especially its products range. In this period, it began to participate as an exhibitor at the most important trade shows all around the world; constantly investing in R&D and in new machines, further expanding its plant.
Since the mid-80s to the present, it was possible to become a business partner of major large-scale distribution players, in Italy and abroad, both using its own brand and as a co-packer for private labels’ development.
It has expanded its products range, making it more complete for all cleaning activities, introducing radical and incremental innovations.
From the beginning, the company has pursued a path of sustainable and forward-looking internal growth: as always, we invest to expand production and packing areas, corporate functions departments, offices and warehouses; but also to improve management of logistics flows.
Gi-Erre could be distinguished from competitors, for continuity in management and ownership of family Rovina, now in its third generation.