For more than 60 years, Gierre is one of the largest manufacturers and operators in the sector of tools for cleaning all environments, domestic and professional.

The company produces a wide range of articles for cleaning, both domestic and industrial uses: brooms, brushes, brooms, mops, cloths and sponges.

From the beginning, the company has maintained its production in Italy, it has invested in technological advanced machinery more and more automated but flexible, thus increasing productivity while ensuring customization.

The Made in Italy is a value we believe in and a driver that distinguish us from competitors.

Production, all manufacturing processes and the packing are carried out within our plants in Viadana.

The company is equipped with the most modern and automated works for the production, but also for the packing of a wide range of items.

We annually produce 15 million pieces, of which 60% are exported in more than 50 countries, European but also Extra-Eu.

About the packing and the packaging, the company is equipped with fully automated machines.                            We guarantee our customers maximum flexibility: we are available to customize the different levels of products’ packaging according to their needs, the sales market, the type of item and/or the materials used.

Thanks to reinvestments of the earnings in strategic assets, to complete control of the production cycle and supply chain, the company has been able to improve continuously its know-how and further develop its critical mass. This helps ensuring flexibility, a service aligned with the expectations and needs of modern distribution, as well as the challenges posed by globalization.

Just in time, adaptive and mouldable to customers’ needs: these are our three main strengths.                                Protection of Made in Italy and maintain the production in our country, underline the company's commitment to protect and create work-places in the area, protecting the allied industries.
Preserve firm continuity, avoiding leverage increases or liquidity crisis.
Process of safe internal growth, with investments and reinvestments of profits.

La Produzione

Made in Italy

La Produzione

Made in Italy